This tiny gps device can help you locate and/or monitor the whereabouts of an elderly loved one when they are active or on the go. Equipped with an SOS button in case of emergency, they can press and notify multiple parties via text message that they are in need of help. This device can fit on a belt, drop in a purse or simply place in a pocket. It will tell you their exact location, route, speed, more and even notify you via text message if they have left a designated Safe Zone or perimeter. Especially helpful when they are out walking, driving or traveling. Read more below.


"Most Dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers that wander get found within a mile and  a half of their home. These wanderers are often on foot. Nevertheless, finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  ...someone suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia can wander off and become invisible".


Mobility, freedom and safety 
Provide mobility, freedom and safety to elderly adults with our small portable device that enables you to see real-time location, routes taken and even their speed when riding or driving a vehicle. Whether you are worried about them wandering off, driving safely or simply wanting to make sure they are safe within their own homes, the SafeTracPAL™GPS tracking device is incredibly beneficial.
SOS Button Gives Instant Text or email Alerts
Equipped with an SOS button, when pressed and held for 2-3 seconds, the device immediately sends Alerts via Text message or Email to loved ones, caregivers or neighbors. SOS Alerts notify you instantly in the event of an emergency.
Works everywhere
SafeTracPAL™ works virtually everywhere for your mobile elderly person. Unlike many radio frequency (RF) devices on the market today that operate only within a certain range of the "base unit", SafeTracPAL™ is specially designed to monitor location when the elderly person is mobile, outside the home. This is especially helpful if the elderly adult still drives, has transportation pick up or is simply traveling with others. If you have an elderly loved one that tends to wander, this device can located them with pinpoint precision. Location updates are your choice of every 2 or 5 minutes uness the device is motionless for a period of time and goes into "sleep" mode, which reports once per hour. This help preserve the long-lasting battery. Once the built-in 3D Motion Sense senses the slightest movement, the device "wakes" and begins reporting again. 
Easily monitor "SafeZones"
Receive instant Alerts via Text message or Email when your elderly loved one has Exited a SAFE ZONE (Perimeter) or traveled from one area to another such as Home, Church, Work, Doctor's Office, etc…
You can easily create these Zones ("Perimeters") with a simple click and drag of your mouse in our Web Tracking Portal.
Simple and affordable 
This simple, affordable, water resistant device is about
the size of a matchbox and can easily be dropped in a purse, placed in a pocket, clipped on a belt or placed inside luggage during travel. SafeTracPAL™ goes everywhere with you to help provide location and emergency SOS Alerts, when needed. 

Easy to monitor from computers or and other devices 

SafeTracPAL™ can be easily viewed from any computer, smartphone or pad device with interenet capability. View the exact location, create perimeters online and receive Alerts if an Entry or Exit event occurs, track speed and routes taken.
No Programming Necessary - Ready To Use
The device comes with an A/C wall charger and depending on use will stay charged for days between charges. IT'S THAT EASY!
Call 864.502.8402 to order or send email to with your contact information. We will contact you and get your order processed and shipped quickly.

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More affordable than other devices that only work indoors or close to the home.





Devices are $149ea. and require a minimum 3-month subscription at $26.95 per month. 

Check for 2G data coverage maps for AT&T and T-Mobile in your area prior to ordering. One-time activation of $24.95.


Call 864.502.8402 to order or send email to with your contact information and phone number and we will contact you to get your order on it's way! 




Features & Benefits

Works Anywhere*
Shows Real-Time Location
SOS Button for Emergencies
Perimeter, “SAFE ZONE” Alert
Instant Alerts via Text or Email
Updates Location Every 2 or 5 Minutes (your choice)
Shows Speed When Traveling
Route Taken
  Water-Resistant Device
  Power On/Off Alert
  Low Battery Alert
  Tiny Size 2.66" x 1.57" x 0.83"
  Long Battery Life
Standby Mode: 300 to 400 Hours**
Wake Mode: 50-200 Hours*
AC Battery Charger Included
Easy & Simple-To-Use
Delivered To Your Door; Ready To Use
No Programming
  No Installation
  No Software To Purchase or Install
View Online with Mac, PC, Smartphone or iPad
  24/7 Access Anytime/Anywhere

*Battery life depends on application. 
*Must have adequate cell signal to deliver gps data to server. 
*Poor Indoor signal quality may provide inaccurate location. 
**Standby or Sleep mode is determined when device remains still. 


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Q:  Is it legal to use gps tracking for location and protection of my elderly parent? 
A:  The laws in each state vary, and SafeWatch encourages everyone to check their local laws, however, as long as the elderly person consents to the use of the device and the device is not concealed in any covert manner it is perfectly legal. SafeWatch only supports the use of it's devices for the purpose of location for safety purposes. 
Q:  How does it work?
A:  The SafeTracPAL™ fits in your a pocket, on a belt, in a purse, overnight bag or backpack. It uses the gps satellites and cellular networks to gather data from the device and send to our online Web Tracking Portal. The system sends Alerts via Text or Email to you or others you specify and enables you to login and view the location of your child any Mac, PC, Smartphone or iPad with internet access. 
Q:  What does the SOS button do? 
A:  The SOS button must be pressed and held for 2 or more seconds at which time the device will send an instant text message or email Alert to you and any other persons you have specified in our online Web Tracking Portal.  This notifies you that your child is in danger or is sensing danger. 
Q:  I live in a rural area, will the device still work?
A:  Most any area in the country that has the slightest cellular service will still work.  
Q:  How accurate is the SafeTracPAL™ device? 
A:  The devices themselves are very accurate, usually within a few feet, although gps and cell signals vary in certain places like in buildings or obstructions. 
Q:  How big is the device?
A:  The device is 2.66" x 1.57" x 0.83" and weighs 2 ounces. 
Q:  Do I have to purchase a Monthly Service Plan with the device?
A:  Yes. You must purchase the device, which becomes permanently yours, along with a Monthly Service Plan to monitor each device.
Q:  How can I pay for my Monthly Service Plan?
A:  You can choose a 2 minute or 5 minute update plan and pay Month-to-Month plus the cost of your device with no service contract. OR we offer a COMBO, Device and Monthly Service Plan, in a 24 month contract. You pay at the beginning of your billing cycle for the upcoming month(s), depending on which Service option you choose. All Service Plans are automatically billed to your credit card. 
Q:  Can I cancel my service?
A:  Yes, at any time. Simply go to "Contact Us" on website and send notification at least 30 days prior to your next automated billing and we will cancel your service.  
Q:  What's the difference in "Active" and "Passive" devices for gps location?
A:  This is an important fact to know. An Active device is "talking" with the satellites and reporting to our backend system real-time as it is happening. Passive devices simple record data and then you have recover the device and then download that information into your computer to see it after the fact. 
Q:  Is the SafeTracPAL™ device "Active"?
A:  Absolutely. 
Q:  Is the SafeTracPAL™ device "real-time"?
A:  Absolutely.
Q:  Which browser should I use? 
A:  For best results, use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari on Mac or PC. All have fast JavaScript engines and will outperform Internet Explorer.
Q:  Can I view on my Smartphone or iPad? 
A:  Absolutely. As long as you have internet access you can access our system and see your elderly loved one(s). We do recommend, however, that you use the quick access buttons at the bottom of the Web Tracking Portal screen for easier navigation. Certain features like wide spreadsheets and reports may not be easily visible on Smartphones or pads. You will be able to locate your child real-time and know their exact location, speed traveling, route and much more. 
Q:  Is there a limit to how many times I can check on my Elderly Parent or Loved One online in your Web Tracking Portal?
A:  Absolutely not. The whole purpose is for you to be able to check as often as they like to ensure the whereabouts of your loved one to help keep them safe. It is unlimited. 
Q:  How long is my device information available for my viewing?
A:  Typically we store 90 days worth of quick access information that you can access right in our online Web Tracking Portal. We archive at least one year's worth of data in the event you need access for proof of whereabouts for criminal, insurance or legal proceedings. 
Q:  What are Perimeters or Safe Zones?
A:  Perimeters are map "boundaries or zones" that you create with the simple click and drag of your mouse in our online Web Tracking System such as Home, Doctor's Office, Hospital, Church, Friend's House, or Unauthorized Areas. When created you will receive ALERTS to notify you of Entries or Exits to a Perimeter. You name the Perimeters you create and you will begin to receive Alerts on entrance and/or exits from those areas. 
Q:  What are ALERTS? How do they work?
A:  Alerts are instant TEXT or EMAIL messages sent to you or multiple contacts to notify you of an event such as SOS Alerts, Safe Zone exit, Perimeter breach, Speed, other Perimeters, Unauthorized Areas etc… 
Q:  Can I opt out of the ALERTS and check on my Elderly Parent or Loved One online only?
A:  Sure. Simply leave the Alert Contacts section of your device profile blank in our system. 

Q:  Why do I receive Alerts when the device has not moved? 
A:  If your device is located indoors or in an obstructed area you may experience gps "signal bounce", which is basically the satellites trying to obtain a solid lock on the device. When this occurs, if you have a small Perimeter or geo-fence created, it can simulate that the device has traveled past the perimeter and will trigger an Alert. If this occurs, simple turn off the device if it is not being used. If the device is being used it will correct itself once it receives a clear signal from the satellites. 

Q:  Can the device be used for other purposes?
A:  Absolutely. One of the great benefits of the SafeTracPAL™ is it can be used to monitor, locate and protect whatever you desire. Place it on your kids or grandkids at the Theme Parks to know their whereabouts. Drop it in an RV or camper, place it in valuable luggage or simply take it with you when you are out in the yard or taking a walk. The uses are endless. 
Q:  How often does the device update location?
A:  SafeTracPAL™ sends location updates automatically every 2 or 5 minutes, your choice, when the device is in motion. When the device is motionless it goes into "Sleep" mode only reporting once per hour to preserve battery. Once the device senses the slightest motion, the built-in 3D Motion Sensor will "wake" the device and begin reporting again immediately. 

Q:  How long will the battery last? 
A:  Batteries all depend on usage amount. The SafeTracPAL™  will last for 4-6 days on a charge reporting every 5 minutes. 2-4 days on 2 minute updates. It will last upwards approximately 2 weeks in low activity times. 

Q:  How do I charge the device?
A:  The SafeTracPAL™ has no batteries to change and comes with an A/C battery charger. Simply plug it in and charge it up.
Q:   How long does it take to charge? 
A:   Depending on how far the battery is discharged, charging time could take up to 5 hours. 
Q:  Are your servers secure?
A:  Absolutely! Our servers are located at one of the highest security server stations in the country with 24 hours security, climate control and multiple back up systems. In the past 6 years the servers have experienced ZERO down-time. 
Q:  What is your refund policy?
A:  If you are not satisfied with the device, return it in the original condition within the first 30 days and you'll receive a full refund minus shipping. 

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 Phillip L  5/5

  Not living in the same town as my elderly mom, I love knowing I can receive an immediate text message if she is in need. I love checking online and making sure she's where she's supposed to be. 


 Jan F  5/5

  I think this is a great product to help keep up with the movement of elderly parents. My dad lives by himself hours away and even though he's still active, I worry about him driving and going from place to place. Now I will be able to see him online anytime. 


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SafeWatch Solutions, LLC Liability Disclaimer
Though any GPS tracking device may be a reliable and safe piece of equipment, it is also prone to malfunctions and damages either on its own or through accidents or mistreatment. We cannot make any guarantee or guarantees on any GPS trackers, GPS handheld devices, GPS tracking system or indeed any form of tracking devices, as, with anything, accidents and malfunctions may occur. Any number of conditions may cause the equipment to become faulty and unreliable and we will not be held responsible. Some of these conditions may include situations such as extreme weather conditions that may damage the equipment, faulty batteries, misuse of the equipment, horseplay and other situations, for which we will not be held responsible.
Whenever possible, please make sure to supervise your children and/or other children to ensure their safety. Even though having and using a tracker can and may be of help, we strongly recommend that human supervision is not replaced. We cannot make any guarantees or warranties with respect to any GPS tracking system we offer; neither will we be held responsible for any damages that may or may not occur through regular use. We recommend that a parent or guardian or teacher monitor and supervise all of your children at all times. Even though a GPS device may be a useful tool or alternative to have and use, it cannot and will not replace human supervision and care of your children.
As with children, we strongly urge that elderly people as well as pets be supervised at all times as well. We will not be held liable or responsible for any consequential or incidental damages from using or relying on these devices. We will also not be held responsible for any deaths, injuries or accidents that may result from using or relying on the accuracy of any tracking device provided or recommended or sold to any individual, company or organization. Please always use proper human judgment, care and supervision of the elderly and /or pets to ensure their safety. We will not be held liable for any accidents occurring as a result of relying on any device provided by us.
We will also not be held responsible in any way to any mishap of any nature as a result of the information seen and contained within this website. All the information contained within this site is for informative and educational purposes. We're not responsible for the consequences of any decisions consumers make in purchasing and using the GPS devices that we recommend on this site. Safewatch does not support, recommend or advise the tracking of anyone else's property or person, other than your own, without their consent and accepts no responsibility for illegal use of the device.
Monitoring software for cell phones or computers do not catch 100% of the activity sent or received and are prone to malfunction from time to time just like the devices themselves. Nothing replaces personal supervision therefore the information obtained from the software cannot be relied upon solely to prevent harm, misuse or inappropriate activity resulting from the use or dependence on the software.

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